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Email hosting and web hosting are two distinct but related services.

Email hosting

Refers to a service that provides email accounts with custom domain names, allowing businesses and individuals to use professional-looking email addresses (e.g. name@yourbusiness.co.tz).

Email hosting services typically include features such as spam filtering, virus protection, and email forwarding.

Web hosting

on the other hand, refers to a service that provides space on a server to store website files and make them accessible to visitors over the internet. Web hosting services typically include features such as website builders, one-click software installations, and scalability options to accommodate website growth.

While email and web hosting are separate services, they are often provided together as part of a single hosting plan. This is because having a custom domain name for your email address and website can create a more professional and cohesive online presence.

Sure, here are five major differences between email hosting and web hosting:   

Email hosting is primarily focused on providing email services such as sending, receiving, and storing emails.

Web hosting is focused on providing storage, database and access to website files, allowing users to publish a website on the internet.


Email hosting is focused on storing email messages and attachments, while

Web hosting stores website files such as images, videos, and HTML documents and databases access.


Email hosting typically requires less bandwidth than web hosting due to the smaller size of email messages.

Web hosting requires higher bandwidth due to the larger size of website files and the potential for higher levels of web traffic.


Email hosting often includes features such as email filtering, virus protection, and spam protection.

Web hosting may include features such as website building tools, domain registration, and website security.


The cost of email hosting is generally lower than web hosting due to the fewer features and lower storage and bandwidth requirements.

However, the cost of both email hosting and web hosting can vary depending on the level of service, and other factors.

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